Where are the mini-warehouses located?

Everaus mini-warehouses are located at Reti tee 5 in Peetri, Rae municipality. Our warehouse is located in a well-connected and densely populated area which can easily be accessed by car, public transport or on foot.

What are the opening hours of the mini-warehouse complex?

The mini-warehouse complex is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, all days of the year. Access by mobile phone and a personal padlock ensure the use of the mini-warehouse at a time that suits you. This way, the items stored in the mini-warehouse are always quickly and readily available to you.

How much does it cost to use a mini-warehouse?

Payments for the use of the mini-warehouse are made once a month as an advance payment, the amount of which depends on the size of the mini-warehouse. You can see the amount of the monthly payment by the warehouse when placing your order. There is no security deposit.

How can I pay for the use of the mini-warehouse?

Payments for the use of the mini-warehouse must be made once a month as an advance payment by the calendar day prior to the starting date of the billing period (except for the first monthly payment which must be made when placing the order). We issue the invoice for the monthly payment at least five calendar days before the starting date of the billing period (except for the first monthly payment as the invoice for this is issued after its payment). A bank link or card payment can be used to pay for the first monthly payment. Subsequent monthly payments can be made via bank transfer on the basis of an invoice.

How can I rent / conclude a contract for a mini-warehouse?

You can rent a mini-warehouse (including the conclusion of the contract and paying for the first monthly payment) online in just a few minutes. The contract comes into effect from the moment the order is placed and can be concluded for an indefinite period or for a fixed period (1–12 months). Depending on the validity of the contract, the right to use the mini-warehouse arises no earlier than after the payment for the order is made. Orders are deemed to be paid upon receipt of the payment in our bank account. If an order is placed and no payment is received within one calendar day, the contract is deemed to be terminated and the order cancelled. You can read the contract terms prior to conclusion on our website.

Why use a mini-warehouse? Here are the top 7 reasons!

7 situations when you should consider using a mini-warehouse

Home renovation
Painting ceilings, sanding floors and wallpapering takes up space and creates a lot of mess. A mini-warehouse provides a temporary shelter for your furniture and decor while you renovate. Once the renovation is finished, your furniture and decor can return clean and intact.

Moving into a new home
Moving from your old home to a new one can be daunting. Finishing or furnishing your new home may be delayed and your belongings may need to be stored somewhere else, e.g. a mini-warehouse.

Changed relationship status
When a relationship ends, one partner has to move out of the shared home and find somewhere else to live. The new home, however, may not be big enough or may already be furnished, so quickly finding storage for personal belongings is essential. A mini-warehouse is the answer. A mini-warehouse is also a great solution in the opposite case – when you find a partner and move in together, but your shared home is not big enough or is already furnished.

Seasonal equipment gets in the way
You will not need ski equipment, skis or sledges in the summer, the same way you do not need gardening tools, bicycles, motorbikes or hiking gear in the winter, which means that off-season equipment is in the way at home. Mini-warehouses allow you to store seasonal equipment when you are not using it.

Hobbies no longer fit in your home
We all have hobbies and often more than one – some of us play golf, some surf, some collect model cars, some dolls. What if at some point there is no more room for a hobby in your home? You certainly do not have to give up your hobby just because you lack space – you can store your belongings in a mini-warehouse.

You simply run out of space
Let us be blunt: your home should be more than a storage room! We often lack space for all the things we love or need at any given time, but we do not want to give them away either. Want to store baby items for the next baby? Are you constantly shifting a steam cleaner that you only need once or twice a year from one place to another? Do not let your home become a storage space – take your belongings to a mini-warehouse.

Storage for business supplies and goods
Business activities often involve merchandise and promotional products, fair and presentation supplies, and other inventory (including Christmas decorations) that are not used on a daily basis. Storing these in the office takes up too much valuable space, but it would not be sensible to rent extra office space for that reason. A mini-warehouse is the perfect solution. Mini warehouses are also indispensable when you receive a large quantity of goods at once that won’t all fit in a conventional warehouse. Mini-warehouses are also useful if you run an online shop from your home office and it is time to move the goods out of your home.

What can be stored?

The mini-warehouse can be used to store clean (cleaned), dry and odourless items. Items that can be stored in the mini-warehouse include seasonal hobby equipment (kick scooters, bicycles and motorcycles as well as skiing, surfing, golfing and other such equipment), tyres, summer and garden furniture as well as other smaller furniture items, house and garden tools, stuff in storage boxes that you may need in the future, (holiday) decorations, smaller quantities of goods, business equipment (trade show and presentation equipment, office furniture, etc.) and other such things that you would otherwise store in a storeroom, garage or shed.

What should not be stored?

Storage of the following items is prohibited:
- substances harmful to the environment or human health;
- flammable, radiological or explosive substances (including pressurised foam rubber, polyester, and compressed gas, including aerosols);
- weapons, ammunition, explosives;
- toxic substances (arsenic, cyanide, mercury, rat poison, etc.);
- radioactive substances;
- corrosive substances;
- narcotic substances;
- wood and foam, unless they are part of the furniture to be stored;
- live animals, birds, fish, etc.

When can I move into the mini-warehouse?

Access to the warehouse is activated immediately after paying for the order, after which you can start packing and moving.

How do I get to the warehouse?

Access to the warehouse is activated immediately after payment for the order. The front door of the warehouse opens by calling the phone number on the front door of the building using the phone number(s) specified in the order. The front door of the warehouse closes automatically. Please make sure the front door is closed after entering and leaving. This ensures the security, warmth and cleanliness of the warehouse.

How can I lock the mini-warehouse?

The door of the mini warehouse can be locked with a personal padlock, which you can buy from us when placing an order. You can pick up the padlock purchased from us at the parcel machine in the warehouse. However, you can get a padlock elsewhere as well.

How do I transport things from the car to the mini-warehouse?

The warehouse has a large car park and loading bays with a ramp at the entrance. On site it is possible to use sack trucks (capacity 300 kg, extendable platform 319 × 203 mm) and platform trolleys (capacity 500 kg, platform 1,000 × 700 mm).

How can I store things efficiently and effectively?

Store your items in an organised manner: create a system, label the boxes, keep a layout plan. Please keep in mind, however, that it is not permitted to modify the mini-warehouse in any way, this includes installing hooks or other such storage accessories on the walls, floor or ceiling to store your items. The shelves used must be free-standing without any mountings.

Can I extend a contract and if so, how?

A fixed-term contract can be extended. To extend a contract, a formal request must be submitted on our website no later than on the end date of the contract.

Can I terminate a contract and if so, how?

An open-ended contract can be terminated as of the last calendar day of the billing period. To terminate the contract, a corresponding formal request must be submitted online at least 14 days before the last calendar day of the billing period.

How can I contact customer support?

Phone: +372 5343 1810
Email: info@everausminilaod.ee
Customer support answers calls and letters on weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00